Patrick and Lisa

Like many parents, we’re worried about the pressure placed on young children in conventional primary schools, but home-education wasn’t for us. We’ve found flexi-education to be the perfect solution for our Year 1 daughter, Esme. She’s attended Dandelion for two days a week and her usual primary school for three.

When we picked her up after her first day at Dandelion, we knew that flexi-education was the right choice. Esme looked like a weight had been taken off her shoulders. There was none of the stress we saw at the school gate.

Dandelion has given her new confidence, resilience and independence, and its Philosophy For Children (P4C) is a wonderful tool for children to make sense of the world. Dandelion has also been a release valve for some of that school pressure. Luckily, Esme going to three days a week at school hasn’t disadvantaged her socially or academically; we think she stays more enthusiastic about school this way too.

Dandelion’s Emma and Hayley came to meetings to help us make a case to our primary school. They have supported us, and Esme, all the way. 

We really hope more parents are able to flexi-educate their children!