Lilith and Ed

Dandelion are extremely passionate about emotional literacy and wellbeing and this is reflected in everything they do – from getting the children involved in fundraising for a local youth mental health charity to teaching the children to talk about and reflect on their emotions on a daily basis.

I remember one morning not long after our daughter first started Dandelion at age 2.5, she enthusiastically woke us up asking “how are you feeling daddy – are you content?”. More recently we’ve experienced the benefit of Dandelion’s emphasis on speaking up and expressing emotions as a way to resolve conflict between children. When our daughter told us about an incident at Dandelion involving two other children, the Dandelion staff facilitated a powerful session where all the children involved were invited to reflect on what had happened, express how it made them feel and discuss boundaries and treating each other with respect. Our daughter felt very good about being encouraged to make her voice heard and telling the other children how she felt, in a safe contained environment.

Dandelion’s ethos is also reflected in how the staff communicate with the children, which is always extremely respectful, using positive language, and encouraging autonomy and critical thinking. I believe Dandelion’s approach to emotional wellbeing has had a huge impact on our daughters development over the last 2 years and helped turn her from a very shy little girl into the confident and empathic person she is today.