Chrissie and Donovan

All staff members at Dandelions are magical and Julie is no exception. In fact she’s a shining light for myself and my son. Julie always has a smile on her face. She accepts children for who they are and she sees the positive in every aspect of a child’s personality.

Understanding them and adapting her guidance around what works for each individual child. From a parents point of view, Julie is excellent at calming any worries in me, she explains perfectly and honestly on my sons day and behaviours. Julie is a very positive, patient and caring woman. I consider myself and my son to be very lucky to have her as part of his growth. 

Donovan responds beautifully to Julie’s guidance (not always immediately because he’s a stubborn monkey) however Julie has the patience and understanding of his behaviour to be able to get him where he needs to be. My sons behaviour has flourished and I’m always shocked with how much knowledge he comes home with. He responds beautifully to positive encouragement and especially when Julie sits with him to go through her emotion cards. He acts out the faces and is now able to explain how he’s feeling rather than just expressing it.