Hayley: Managing Director QTS

I love working with children because they make you smile, surprise, and amaze you, every single day. They view the world without prejudice and with limitless wonder. Working with children makes work fun and keeps you young at heart! I love Dandelion because it encompasses everything I believe in and love. It is my dream; it allows children to be who they want to be, and allows me to be who I want to be too! I also get to work, every day, with one of the best friends I’ve ever had…she’s truly amazing! I don’t have much spare time, but when I do get a moment I like to walk the dog on the beach with my lovely family, cycle with my hubby, write, and make ‘things’! Interesting fact: I’ve won a national short story competition (Oo, I got a trophy!) and came second in another!

Emma: Managing Director QTS

I love working with children because they are fun, honest, non-judgemental / discriminatory, naturally inquisitive, live in the moment, and they want to learn. I love Dandelion because it is outside, has a deep and meaningful ethos, encompasses my love of working with Early Years and being outdoors. It makes a difference in children’s lives. I don’t have much spare time, but when I find some, I enjoy walking, gardening, sitting by the fire, going to the theatre and spending any time I possibly can with my adult children. I have been a vegan for over 30 years and have been walking the Thames path for 7 years…I’m only in Windsor!

Jen: Manager QTS – Den Leader (Aylsham)

Working with children is magical; you forget the everyday world and see things in the child’s unique and imaginative way. This can be deeply moving or hilariously funny! I love Dandelion because I believe that children learn best outdoors where they have the freedom to discover in an ever-changing and challenging environment. Any spare time I have is spent trail running and exploring, or reading if I’m feeling less energetic! I love spending time with my family; life with two teenagers certainly keeps me on my toes! Interesting fact – I recently ran 50 miles in less than 12 hours! Phew!

Julie: Manager – level 6, going towards level 7 – (Aylsham)

I love working with children – I love that every day is different. Children make every moment enjoyable and unexpected. I enjoy being part of a child’s journey, watching each child grow and blossom. What I love about Dandelion – I love the freedom to explore, follow interests and learn in an amazing environment supported by fantastic people! Fun and enjoyment is an essential part of any child’s life and this is a focus at Dandelion. What I love doing in my spare time – I spend my spare time in my vegetable garden or in my camper-van. I love planting, growing and eating my own food and this is a big part of our family life. I also like exploring beautiful places with my family., in our old green camper-van. Interesting fact: I used to be a kickboxing instructor!

Daniel: Manager QTS (Eaton)

I love working with Children because every second is filled with wonder and enquiry and I love the way they see things and the way that this influences and alters the way that I see things. I am excited to be working at Dandelion because I love the opportunity to support children to learn through discovery and exploration, and I am excited about being reconnected with the outdoors and nature on a daily basis. Not to mention the amazing people I will be working alongside. In my spare time I like to cook (I love to create my own versions of foods from around the world), travel when possible and spend as much time as I can laughing with my own children and family. Interesting Fact: I recently went Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda, and followed a family group of the estimated 800 Mountain Gorilla left in the wild.

Tarl: Level 3 Facilitator 

I love working with children. They are honest, they live for the moment and they are imaginative. It is a privilege to be a part of their early years, to witness their development and support them in their learning. Dandelion is everything I think all education should be, a nurturing, outdoor environment where children can experience learning without judgement on their outcomes and results. It is a joy to work amongst those who feel the same way. I love Dandelion! My spare time is usually spent either with my family or learning and honing my practice. When I do get the chance I enjoy yoga, gardening, woodwork and cooking. Interesting Fact: I’ve been a tree geek since university and can identify any tree any time of year.

Freya: Manager QTS (Eaton)

I love working with children because I love their enthusiasm for life and their endless appetite for learning new things. I love inspiring children to learn more about the world around them and helping them to communicate what they have found out. What I love about Dandelion – I firmly believe in the importance of learning through play, and that all children should have the opportunity to express their interests. I am inspired and excited by the unique approach to education and development that Dandelion offers. What I love doing in my spare time – I love reading, cooking, taking my dog out walking, and exploring the Norfolk coast and countryside. I also enjoy Pilates and Yoga. Interesting fact: I have lived in New Zealand, Australia and America.


This is what our parents think about our team



I am confident to say Dandelion is a dream come true for children. Izzy has been going to Dandelion for nearly two years enjoying every single day she has spent there. Emma, Hayley and the Dandelion team, who are always positive and enthusiastic, have created a wonderful space and atmosphere where children are encouraged to grow, be curious and imaginative, face challenges and embrace the outdoors with great enjoyment. Every day is a magical experience for Izzy. She enjoys using tools and creating things to bring home, climbing trees, baking her favourite cakes in the mud kitchen but ultimately the freedom to play and learn in her own way.  Thank you.

Lilith and Ed

Dandelion’s ethos is also reflected in how the staff communicate with the children, which is always extremely respectful, using positive language, and encouraging autonomy and critical thinking. I believe Dandelion’s approach to emotional wellbeing has had a huge impact on our daughters development over the last 2 years and helped turn her from a very shy little girl into the confident and empathic person she is today.

Tom and Charlotte

Our daughter loves Dandelions! Having been in a small indoor nursery for several months, she loves the space to run around and explore. As parents we have seen an enormous difference – she is more confident, happy, energetic and enthusiastic. Thank you Hayley, Emma and the other staff for all your efforts. If only there were more forest schools around!