What’s In A Word…

Hi-di-ho Fandelions,

Welcome back to The Hutch, the furry voice of Dandelion and fun thoughts from within.

What an exciting week we’ve had … mermaids, a meandering stream, wellies full of sloppy mud, and a beach in the wood!

This has all caused great excitement and lots of questions too! And, as you know, we Pinny Giggs love a juicy thought-provoking question.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to understand some of the Short-Strokers questions.

Bobble-Hat-Bouncing-Bean says that it IS sometimes tricky to understand young children because they need to learn how to communicate, and this takes time and support – much like Stump needs time and support to learn how to do his yoga moves each lunchtime!

Lion-Hair agreed, (with the first thought) and said that without words behaviour is language, and this is important to remember. Without words to verbalise our emotions, needs and desires, she said, a person can become very frustrated and so they may cry, or scream, or use physical actions to express an unmet need.

All of the Tall-Hutch-Cleaners know this and are trained by Bobble-Hat-Bouncing-Bean and Lion-Hair in how to support children in developing high-levels of vocabulary and emotional literacy.

This, they said, is absolutely vital for development and learning. Because, If we fail to use high levels of language and a wide range of emotional vocabulary, then how will children understand each other and world around them? How will their lack of language and emotional literacy affect them as they grow, and how will this impact on society? Bobble-Hat talks about more about this in something called a TED Talk (you can watch that here…)

Stump said a TED talk sounds fun and wondered if we could have a Pinny Gig talk here at Dandelion. We did try and speak to the Short-Strokers about this idea, but the Tall-Hutch-Cleaners haven’t taught the Short-Strokers to squeak yet. This was very frustrating and Stump said he felt like biting them in anger when they failed to understand him.

Luckily the Short-Strokers soothed his frustration with the daily yoga session. He was rather flummoxed though when he was told to hold a tree pose – he simply stood staring into the distance and chewed. He said he thought he was meant to stand stock still,  and gawpas I do. Rude, I said. I’m not gawping, I’m pondering and thoughtful.

Stump then asked me to ponder on a joint name for our blog, as he feels it’s unfair that we aren’t both acknowledged as authors. We discussed this in true Dandelion democratic style and have decided to sign-off jointly, from now on, with one name that combines both the name Tree and Stump.

Thanks for joining The Hutch once more, see you next week,


Tree & Stump – inhabitants and commentators on all things Dandelion xxx