The road to a friends house is never long…

Aloha Fandelions, Welcome back to the blog of the 4-inch high philosophers.

This week has been very unusual for us, as the majority of Short-Strokers have been on something called a half-term holiday.

You might think, therefore, that we’ve been lonely, or life has been uneventful, but this is most definitely not the case! We have, in fact, had our first opportunity to make new friends at Dandelion’s holiday club. This has been very exciting but also created a little anxiety. I was excited, but Stump hid for a while in his hide-out, inching out minute by minute, assessing the play, the noises, and the faces around us, before feeling confident enough to come and say hello. I thought his behaviour was odd, I’m much more of a jump in kind of Pinny Gig. I laughed at him, but Bouncing-Bean reminded me of our ‘fear and empathy’ conversation, she also told me that Short-Strokers are often shy at first too. Also, depending on a Short-Strokers age and their social skills, they may just watch others from a distance before being ready to play alongside, and then with. This is quite acceptable behaviour, she said.

This made sense, and, as I am a confident Pinny, I thought I’d help Stump to feel more confident too.

I introduced him to one Short-Stroker who seemed quiet and calm, much like Stump; I then played with them both before stepping back and allowing them to grow their friendship. This is the kind of thing the Tall-Hutch-Cleaners do every day. They support little Dandelions to build relationships, support them by co-regulating, and help them to resolve conflicts using set scripts. This all means that Short-Strokers can work towards maintaining and establishing relationships independently; it’s a valuable and vital life skill.

I spoke with Lion-Hair about this thing called friendship, and its importance in our lives. She said that the Dandelions often discuss this concept with the children and they made comments like: Friendship is playing dinosaurs, but not roaring too loud. Pets can be friends. You can have different ideas and still be friends. If I’m lonely I will find a friend. Friends hold your hand. Mums and dads can be friends; anyone can be a friend. Lion-Hair said friendships are central to our lives, and that her life is richer because of her friendship with Bobble-Hat-Bouncing-Bean; she said they laugh together, they cry together, and they are always there for each other; even when you’ve been foolish, or sharp, the other one knows it’s not a permanent character change and it won’t be held against you. Friendship is a special kind of love. I know this is true, as Stump is often foolish and annoying, but my hutch would be empty and cold without him. Meeting these new friends, and considering the concept of friendship, has also coincided with new Pinny Gig arrivals at Eaton. Nala, Jemima, and Matilda will be moving into Eaton next week, and we can’t wait to meet them!

They’re staying at a Short-Strokers house this weekend, and a couple of the ShortStrokers’ pets (they might also be called parents) will be making a run outside for them soon. We’re hoping these new Pinny Gigs will be our friends, but the distance between us is great. Though, as the Danish proverb goes: The road to a friends house is never long with 2-inch legs I fear the truth of that, but on roller skates and with a good friend like Stump to accompany me, what a journey we will have and what memories we will make.

That’s all for now dear friends,

Love Trump – the grassroots philosophers Xxx