‘Sex ed should start in the early years’

Dandelion has had an article published in Early Years magazine! The feature discusses how to approach sex education with children – explaining why it is important why early years setting should be tackling the subject to teach children about relationships, respect, body ownership and appropriate touch.

This is a comment from a reader of Dandelion’s article:

That article is amazing!! Just what I needed to read, I think all of that but sometimes feel I maybe being ‘to adult’ with my child.

We’ve had a thing about “daddy’s willy” recently and this article has helped me realise how we ‘dealt’ with it was the right way forward.

All to much to explain in an email, but just know what you are doing is helping families at home too. I’ve started singing Dandelion’s ‘body song’ at home. 

Thank you!

You can read the article below, or subscribe via this link: https://www.teachwire.net/early-years