Return to Dandelion…

As you will have heard, it is likely that nurseries, including Dandelion, will begin to reopen on June 1st.
There has been considerable media coverage about the advantages of outdoor settings at this time and, we are in no doubt, that if children are going to return to education, Dandelion is the best and safest place to do so. We have worked hard to alter routines and put safety measures into place to help to mitigate potential contamination risks. 

We have created a tour for each site for families to see the changes we have put in place and how drop-offs will look. It will also give you insight into the feel on-site, how snacks are distributed and that we are here to support the emotional well-being of all our little Dandelions. If you’d like to see them or have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us at

You can also see more about our approach, media coverage and testimonials on our Facebook page –