Questions, questions, questions…

Hi-di-ho Dandelion friends, and welcome to our second ever Blog.

Some were closed questions, and some were open and far more conceptual. And, it wasn’t just the children who were asking such a wide variety of questions.

Our new friend, the Long-Tailed-Scamper, who we heard a Short-Stroker call ‘Maisy’, came to meet us, and she was asking questions too.

Questions such as:

Do Pinny Gigs have legs?

How much sleep is enough sleep for a Pinny Gig?

Can a long-tailed-scamper and a Pinny Gig be friends?

What colour is friendship?

Last week was a week of fabulous questions.

Why do we need friends?

These are just some of the questions we’ve been asked this week, and, we’ve realised, WE LOVE QUESTIONS! Why is now our favourite word! Which is a lucky thing, as the Short-Strokers are always using it, especially during shared play and at lunchtime.

We are also incredibly lucky that all Short-Stokers at Dandelion are taught ‘philosophical dialogue skills’ so they are able to ask such questions and think deeply about concepts that are important to everybody, no matter how old they are, or where they live.

The Lion-Haired Dandelion (some call her Hayley) said that EVERYBODY in the whole world is affected by concepts such as love, death, reality, friendship etc so it’s important that we all begin to think about these things and that we learn to form our own ideas and opinions. It’s also important that teachers know how to really, truly, listen, and that they know how to give children the skills to understand themselves, other people and the world around them.

Lion-Hair and Bobble-Hat (some call her Emma) train all the Tall-Hutch-Cleaners, in a special Dandelion way, so that they can supp

ort the Short-Strokers to develop these skills. This only happens at Dandelion, which makes it a very special place indeed.

And so, Stump and I ponder the questions we’ve been asked and, in answer to the Long-Tailed-Scamper’s question, I’m not sure about the possibility of friendship yet. Its teeth are very pointy and its claws are very long. I fear it is hungry.

But, perhaps, I am judging its character by appearance alone and should take a while to talk to her and keep my assumptions in check. I will endeavour to understand the soul behind the fur and teeth.

In fact, I suggest that we all take a while to ponder, to take a paws for breath, and consider those big questions in life. Let’s leave our assumptions behind and seek the truth.

Happy Sunday all,

Tree and Stump xx

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