It’s a rather blustery day…

Welcome back to Fandelion, and all things windy and wonderful,

Wow, what a windy week…we’ve never experienced this thing called wind before, and we’re not sure we like it! It howled and growled and had icy teeth..what a monster!

The wind was so strong in-fact that The Tall-Hutch-Cleaners had to initiate an emergency evacuation plan and decamped to their emergency venues.

Stump and I were very sad that we couldn’t go with them as the Short-Strokers had a fabulous time. They were climbing the climbing wall at Eaton, walking around the lake at Aylsham, making kites and playing team games, and they also ate hot-cross buns – we wonder what made them so tasty – is being cross often sweet?

Bouncing-Bean-Bobble-Hat said that she was very proud of the little Dandelions during the evacuation, and thrilled with how they managed the change of plans; she said they showed high levels of something called ‘cognitive flexibility’, which is an executive functioning skill, and something Dandelion works hard to develop.

Lion-Hair said that children with high levels of cognitive flexibility adapt easily and calmly to a sudden change to routine, and this is a crucial life skill. She also said that they showed great resilience, both emotional and physical, and this is also an area that Dandelion works hard to develop.

The wind may have been problematic, it may have used its might to tear and claw at trees, it may have changed space and time, but… it proved that Dandelion’s approach benefits children and nurtures vital life skills. There’s always a positive to every situation if you look hard enough.

After the windy days had blown themselves out, Bouncing-Bean and LIon-Hair thought of this quote, and its relevance to the resilient, fabulous, Short-Strokers,…

The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.


Well, we’ll say goodbye for now as the wind is building once more, and we must batten down the hutches,

Happy half-term,

Lover Trump, the undeniable truth-tellers xxx