Happy New Year from Tree and Stump!

Do you remember those family Christmas’ when sprout abundance continued into the new year and you’d rather eat the parson’s nose than face another sprout? 

Well, we don’t! Wjust love those little green bowling balls, and our only sorrow is that we don’t get to eat them all year round!

We’ve had the most sproutfully relaxing and loving Christmas, but it’s now the start of

a new school term and the festivities are over. 

We’re feeling the sorrow of parting as we leave our new found friends while we head back to Dandelion. We’d take them with us if we could, but Gemma, a Pinny Gig lover and a tallhutch-cleaning-Dandelion, would be sad to lose Star, Tily, Blossom, Bluebell, and Tulip.

As we sadly pack our hutches and dig out our wellies we’ve reflected on 2019 and our new home.

It’s been boggy, sunny, hot, cold, and everything in-between! The weather‘s been unpredictable, but the love we’ve felt at Dandelion has been consistent. We’ve been stroked and pampered beyond belief!

Apparently strokes are our reward, as we’ve been instrumental in settling children who’ve needed extra support and help to calm any worries. We didn’t know what calm was until we overheard a short-giggling-stroker talking during philosophy lunch. They said that ‘Calm is green’ and ‘trees’ and ‘feels like the sun’. One of these Dandelion-Strokers said that ‘Calm is swinging’ and I heard a tall-hutch-cleaning-Dandelion say that many children (I think these are the short-giggling-strokers) self-calm by moving, and swinging is one type of moving. 

Stump says he’d also like a calming Pinny Gig swing, but I’m not so sure I’d like it. I once saw a Pinny Gig in a round-spinning-ball, the poor guy kept running and running but it didn’t move anywhere!  I was exhausted just watching. No, swinging is not for meI’m happy eating my greens, or ‘calm balls’, as they must really be called, as when I eat sprouts I feel like I’m eating sunshine.

I do hope that the short and tall Dandelions bring us more sprouts next week! We can’t wait to help the new-short-strokers settle-in. We’ll also see the new site improvements, and, who knows, Stump might actually get his swing! 

Happy 2020,

Tree and Stump Dandelion xxx