Dandelions are confident and resilient!

One of our Dandelion families very kindly shared with us their experience while recent camping recently…this is why our outdoor-philosophy-led approach is so important. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

We have just got back from camping.  Stanley made friends very easily, especially with a little girl called Lara.
After a couple of days, a new large group of several families arrived and Lara who is nearly 4 quickly joined in with this group and their children.  Things started to get rough with the children, adults were standing by and some joining in.  Steve and I were very concerned for Lara and we were discussing whether to intervene as we couldn’t see her parents.
While this was going on Stanley was on his bicycle some distance away from us and the other campers – watching.  All of a sudden Stanley dropped his bike and with purpose walked over to the campers.  I then made my way over concerned that Stanley wanted to join in. He was waving his arms around at a group of adults.  As I arrived I could hear him explaining calmly to the adults that they were the grown-ups and the game was their game so they should stop it as it was too rough and Lara was being hurt.  The adults stood amazed and several looked ashamed looking at the ground in front of them and shuffling their feet.
I took Stanley and Lara’s hand and lead them away as I did so Stanley had silent tears down his face – he fell asleep on my lap – this was a huge thing for all of us, especially I think that group of campers!
Stanley has always been able to talk to adults but to enter a situation where this group who had changed the whole atmosphere of the camp, were noisy and there must have been at least 4 large families…well straight away I knew he was a Dandelion – confident, articulate, calm and a huge sense of right and wrong.  We are so proud of him – I did have a few tears.