The Pinny Gigs thoughts on Sharona…

Welcome back to the muddy truth of Dandelion, and welcome to a very unusual world where rules have changed, selves are bare, and toilet paper is scarce

What’s also scarce is physical contact, and what a sad loss this is.

Apparently, Tree and I are no longer allowed to hug, though we struggled to do this anyway – short limbs and all that  – but we’ve been told that we need to isolate and protect ourselves because of something called Sharona virus. Lion-Hair pointed out that this was, in fact, a song from 1979 and it is indeed very catchy, but we shouldn’t fear it, or avoid it unless it makes your ears hurt or offends your artistic sensibilities.

So, with that all cleared up, we discussed what we were going to do to manage the coronavirus situation.

The Tall-Hutch cleaners have been putting plans into place, while The Short-Strokers have continued to play and learn, though in a way that shows they have clearly been affected by the crisis – illnesses and doctors are running the whole of Dandelion. The children have covered their faces in spots and dots, and been laying on the floor (for quite a long time) awaiting emergency services. Their play has been creative and fun, but their talk around play shows high levels of worry that needs addressing.

Bobble-Hat-Bouncing-Bean has suggested that families watch Newsround together to help their children understand the situation and how we can help. This will open the useful dialogue that children need. Lion-Hair said that sometimes adults think children are unaware of problems/difficult situations that are happening around them, but children are very tuned-in to their parents’ emotions, and they will sense the anxiety and worry that we feel. It’s vital, she said, that we speak in an age-appropriate way about the situation so as to reassure them, but also to make them aware of the differing needs of others.

We could, she said, speak to our little Dandelions about how we can help others by collecting tins/packets to take to food banks, as they’re struggling to support those in most need. Bobble-Hat said that, even if you’re not a Dandelion, you can drop tins and things at their gate and they’ll deliver them for you.

You could also encourage your Short-Strokers to draw pictures and post through the letterboxes of people you know who are self-isolating and maybe lonely.

Tree says that all he really wants to do is to hug and reassure everyone around him, but I’ve told him that we can send hugs in the form of kind gestures, and we can take pleasure in the certainties in life; the sun will rise and the tide will turn whether we wish it to or not.

We wish you all safe and well,

Love Trump, the small Pinny Giggs who think big things xxx