Age 4-5 is too young for children to begin formalised learning. At Dandelion, we advocate deferring your child’s entry into school by spending at least their reception year with us. We also advocate flexi-educating children, whether this is for their Reception year or beyond. This year more than 20% of our children deferred and 17% have chosen to flexi-educate.

Most conventional schools struggle with resourcing and funding, and struggle to provide a fully play based child-led curriculum. The excessive testing regime is also having a detrimental effect on the health and well-being our children; the autonomy of schools is being eroded. A vast majority of children enter schools with:

  • Speech and language delay
  • Personal, emotional and social skills delay
  • A lack of independence, resilience and self-efficacy
  • Play deprived
  • Poor problem solving skills
  • Poor creative and critical thinking skills
  • Nature disconnection
  • Poor CAL skills
  • Risk averse

At Dandelion we support the development of all these skills in a unique environment.

Our aims:

  • *  promote play-based, child-led learning to the age of 7
  • * promote holistic development of children , with a specific focus on well-being and mental health
  • *  to raise awareness of parental choice, including deferment and delay of entry into formalised learning
  • * promote and campaign for Flexi-education options, for all children
  • * to challenge the school funding arrangements for children beyond Compulsory School Age (CSA)

What will you choose for your child?

We want to help with your decision making – so we would like to invite all parents/carers who are interested in this child-led approach, and who would like to know more,  to get in touch at